Welcome to Simply Cropping!  We do the work while you "Simply Crop"! 



Thanks for stopping by our site! We know you will love it here. Sit back, relax and read about our Scrapbooking Getaways and what a fun weekend you could have with your friends by attending a Simply Cropping Getaway!

Our main goal at Simply Cropping is to give you the opportunity to record your family's memories in a relaxed atmosphere with a place to sleep, food & snacks for your belly, tools to enhance your memories and vendors to purchase a few 'must-haves'.  Our Scrapbooking Getaways are limited in attendence so everyone has an end-seat and space to move around.

With very limited announcements and limited games/contests during the day, we know that you will have a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to get some work done.  We want you to be able to "simply crop!"

Our getaways take place in the Middle Atlantic Region of the country--PA, NJ, & DE.  Here is what you will receive during your relaxing scrapbooking getaway weekend with Simply Cropping:

  • Comfortable hotel rooms with king & queen beds for a relaxing rest during your stay
  • An ample amount of table space--between 3-5 ft.  (depending on hotel availability)
  • End seating for all our attendees (unless otherwise noted)
  • Delicious meals throughout the weekend depending upon your Getaway package
  • A nice selection of healthy snacks & drinks provided throughout the weekend including coffee, hot water & tea
  • Fabulous tool & idea center, along with 2 computer journaling stations with over 750 fonts & color printing
  • A crop room that is always open for you to enjoy whenever you want--24 hours a day
  • Few announcements so you can concentrate on your scrapping instead of constant interruptions
  • Simple games, prizes and giveaways to add to your already wonderful weekend

  • Every Friday is our Pajama Party--wear your best pj's for a relaxed evening
  • Every Saturday is Simply Cropping Day--wear your Simply Cropping shirt or get a new one
  • Every Sunday is Sleep-In Sunday--get up late and enjoy a fabulous mid-morning brunch
  • A variety of vendors with a wide selection of products for your shopping enjoyment
  • Classes to teach you a new technique or to create a special project
  • A licensed massage therapist ready to relax your muscles during your Getaway
  • A friendly atmosphere where we know you will find a *NEW* scrapping friend
  • The most important aspect to your Getaway...TIME to relax & get some scrapping completed!

We are in our 10th year of business and we would love to scrap with you!

Bring a few friends or meet some new ones!  Scrapbooking is the "quilting bee" of this generation and we love for you to scrap your memories with us!  Sign up today for one of our relaxing fun-filled weekend getaways!

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